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How to charge a premium to employees

The enterprises employees shall be paid along with the salary award, which is an integral part of wages. This prize is established by management and prescribed in local regulations or collective agreements. Bonuses of employees approved by order of the Director and shall be paid on settlement statements.

How to charge a premium to employees

You will need:

- collective agreement or local normative act; - Documents of the company; - Form order for Personnel; - The form of the memorandum; - payslip.

Instruction how to charge a premium to employees

Step 1:

Calculation of the salary to the employee carried out for the performance of his job duties prescribed in the job description. A premium is paid for the results, which showed an employee of the month. In some companies, the bonus amount is calculated for the performance, over-fulfillment of the plan. Cases for which the supposed remuneration prescribed in the collective agreement or local normative act of the organization. One of the documents attached to the internal labor regulations, signed by each enterprise specialist. Thus, workers agree with all the points mentioned in the act or the collective agreement.

Step 2:

Head of structural unit, which is decorated employee written memorandum addressed to the Director General of the organization. It specifies the personal data of the employee, the premium amount (percentage of salary or a fixed amount), as well as the result achieved for the month for which the specialist relies monetary compensation. Note by the Director considered, adjusted (if necessary), initialed.

Step 3:

Based on the memorandum to the head of the department where the employee works, the director of the enterprise order is issued. The document shall be made in any form and is internal. The administrative part of the prescribed personal employee data, position, size of the premium (a percentage of the salary or the amount of cash) in accordance with the memo service manager.

Step 4:

Responsibility for the execution of a document entrusted to the accountant in charge of payroll. The order shall be signed by the director, the organization stamp. An employee who believes Prize, met with the document on receipt. On line review by the responsible person, who appointed director to sign.

Step 5:

The award is issued together with a specialist salary calculated on the list. Compensation is an integral part of the salary, but the amount is written in a separate line.