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How to count unused vacation

Each person working in the framework of civil-employment contract, is entitled to annual paid leave of 28 calendar days. This amount may be increased, for example, when working in hazardous conditions, but also in places far north. In the case of non-employee is paid holiday compensation. Also, this payment is calculated at the employee's dismissal based on the number of days worked.

How to count unused vacation

Instruction how to calculate unused vacation

Step 1:

To calculate the number of days of unused vacation, you need to calculate the position of the number of calendar days of vacation for each month. For example, when the amount equal to 28 days for each month of calendar days relies 2.33 (28/12).

Step 2:

Next, add up all spent months and multiply them by the appropriate number of days holiday. For example, the employee worked for two months. Thus, 2 months * 2.33 = 4.66 calendar days laid vacation days.

Step 3:

When calculating the compensation for unused vacation, rounding provided by the legislation. An exception is the desire of the employer, but in this case should be rounded to the next higher.

Step 4:

compensation is calculated based on the average earnings for the period of time spent. Also, the employee may take a leave followed by dismissal, in this case, the calculation of holiday pay will be in accordance with standards established by the legislation.