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How to create a construction schedule

The schedule of construction works is a phased implementation plan specified scope of work within certain time limits. Thanks to good planning is possible to finish the work on time and within budget.

How to create a construction schedule

You will need:

Excel program or paper and pen

Instruction create construction schedule

Step 1:

Based on the composition of the work, determine the time frame for each stage. It is necessary to take into account the state approved standards. They are listed in standard documents - building regulations.

Step 2:

Of the nominated customer requirements for the project to determine which technologies and techniques you intend to use during the construction. Calculate the total period of work. It is possible that you selected construction technology will combine several stages of work in the same calendar period. Create a schedule in Excel spreadsheets.

Step 3:

For each job, calculate the necessary material and intangible resources. Namely, the composition of teams and units, the number of hours required for each type of work, materials and equipment. Based on the technological requirements and the need to relate labor Legislation of manufacturing processes with the schedule of deliveries of materials. The purpose of such a plan - to speed up production while minimizing costs and downtime.

Step 4:

On the basis of deadlines for each phase of the work, enter target dates. It is advisable to make daily graphs of production processes. So it will be easier to keep track of the current problems and to take effective measures to address them. If the project is complex, you can create multiple charts based on the number of possible scenarios. Consider all of the risks and prepare an action plan for each emergency. In this case, the prompt replacement of the chart will keep the other planned turnaround time.