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How to deal with subordinates

Universal guide started to control subordinates, do not always work. Everything depends on the moral values ​​and individual traits of both parties. However, the employer is the head of the leader and the employee - subordinates.

How to deal with subordinates

Instruction how to deal with subordinates

Step 1:

Give your employees feel they are part of a great team. Inspire them with your ideas. Each of them needs to understand that his work brings real benefits and it is - a valuable frame rather than a cog in the mechanism, without which you can easily manage. If you took the young officer job before complain, think about how you yourself once started on his way.

Step 2:

Create a staff technically equipped workplaces. Lack of computers or individual rooms may have a negative impact on productivity. Do not neglect the ideas of employees, it does not matter whether you follow them or not, listen to the opinions of those who promote your business. Did they tell you how to find a way to improve work efficiency.

Step 3:

Encourage your employees individual and team prizes. Praise, if you see hard work and positive results. Remember that a good word even nice cat, not that slave. Keep an eye on the general atmosphere in the team, do not let the conflict disrupt the company's course or stall progress. Any disputes are resolved in a civilized manner.

Step 4:

Remember that people tend to remember and tell others about the negative things. For example, if a person like pizza in a cafe, he tells about half of their friends and loved ones, and if you do not like - about it know as many people as possible. Rumors are not mixed with invented stories can seriously harm the state of affairs of your company.

Step 5:

Be the leader, but not a dictator. If you want a proper relationship to the work of the employees, be demanding and to itself. Show by example, what do you want from them. Earn subordinates respect you rather than fear. Do not allow yourself to violate ethical norms. Please note the quote from the book "Motivation in the style of Action" Klaus Kobella: "99% of all employees want to do the job well. How do they perform it depends on who they work for. "