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How to decorate the shop window

Showcase - a card of any store, his face. And the more beautiful and brighter will be the person, the more attention it will attract to itself. So, to increase the number of potential buyers. Beautifully decorated showcase, in itself, is a very good and effective advertising course. In this step by step instruction is painted, how and what you can decorate your shop window.

How to decorate the shop window

You will need:

Paper, pencil, scissors, themed drawing, several cans of aerosol snow, masking tape

Instruction how to decorate the shop window

Step 1:

New Year's Eve is one of the most important holidays in many countries to cope. New topics in demand, so analyze this particular case window dressing. Ideas to decorate storefront lot (from cut paper snowflakes and figures before printing on the glass). We write fairly simple and fun way - using the stencil design drawings. The first thing you need to do is to choose a theme for the future of the stencil pattern. Drawing can be drawn to (or come up with a copied from the finished pictures), but if you are not confident in the success of his artistic talent, the best option would be to find and print the image you liked.

Step 2:

After the drawing option finally selected, proceed to transfer the image onto heavy paper. A stencil of thick paper is easier to clean the snow from adhering aerosol, while not hurting himself stencil. So, this template can be used more than once.

Step 3:

Figure slated to start its excision. Cut picture very carefully, do not rush. In any case, take a few pieces - duplicate stencil. After all, if one of them will come in improper condition, you (without any problems) will be able to replace it with another. This will eliminate the possibility that the stencil (made again from scratch) will be different from its predecessor.

Step 4:

Ready to glue the template window glass masking tape. Four small length of adhesive tape located at the corners of the stencil. This will keep it at one place (no shift).

Step 5:

Apply spray snow through a stencil, tightly clutching a sheet template to the glass. Remember, bring a can not recommend too close. Snow should be easy to lay down and stencil on glass ( "on the decline"). Otherwise, a strong jet head can score under snow pattern.

Step 6:

Carefully remove the stencil and clean it from accumulated layers of snow or aerosol simply replace it with another cliche, pre-prepared.