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How to dismiss a person accountable

Financially responsible person can be dismissed under Article 81 to claim 7 for distrust. Financially responsible person considered an employee with whom a contract of liability and directly related to the work with values. Accountant or other staff related to schetovodcheskoy activity, may not be financially responsible persons and, therefore, an article of no confidence does not apply to them. If you wish to terminate the employment relationship, make all written documents confirming certain actions.

How to dismiss a person accountable

You will need:

- checking act; - explanatory letter; - The document on the imposition of sanctions; - The equipment inspection report.

Instruction how to fire a person accountable

Step 1:

Only paperwork will allow you to apply Article 81. If the facts are not proved, you can not fire a person accountable for under suspicion.

Step 2:

Test the all entrusted property. When checking should be representatives of administration of the company. If found to be missing, make a written inspection report in triplicate. In each instance will require the signature of all members of the commission and financially responsible person.

Step 3:

Ask the employee to write a written explanation detailing the facts of the case. If the material responsible officer does not want to give written explanations, make an act, which specify that the employee did not give his guilty actions of a written explanation. The act must sign the Manager and members of the commission who conducted the testing.

Step 4:

Make a written document about the sentencing and order. In the order specify that the employee (name) must be punished for the actions of the perpetrators, and committing embezzlement.

Step 5:

Invite an expert from the service center for inspection and a written conclusion about serviceability of measuring instruments, as very often the sellers, storekeepers, forwarding link that loss has occurred due to a malfunction of measuring instruments such as scales. The written statement must be signed by the head of the enterprise, a representative of the company and serving members of the commission present at the inspection.

Step 6:

All documents familiarize personnel. On each he must put his personal signature.

Step 7:

If the work is carried out by a brigadier, then all members of the team in person shall pay these charges. To list all employees in the brigade under the same indictment is strictly prohibited.

Step 8:

Having made the documentary base, confirming the fact of shortage and actions that led to it, terminate an employment contract unilaterally. You can also file a lawsuit demanding the payment of material damage to the perpetrator.