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How to dismiss transfer to another organization

For some companies, organizational changes are not uncommon. One of them is the translation of an employee to another job. It can be carried out both by the employee and by order of the head. How to make this transformation?

How to dismiss transfer to another organization

Instruction how to dismiss transfer to another organization

Step 1:

First, it should be noted that the transfer and movement of personnel - two different things. In the first case, an employee leaves transfer to another employer, in the second - the movement is in the same organization.

Step 2:

If the transfer is initiated by the employee, the new job he needed to take the invitation. It shall be in writing. The worker also has to get to work not later than one month from the date of this document.

Step 3:

After that, you must write to the employee a written agreement for the implementation of the translation. To make out that this statement should be in the old address of the employer, in this case be sure to specify that the dismissal should be translated. Here is a sample text: "Please fire me from the post (specify how) by transfer to a post (also specify a) the organization (name)."

Step 4:

Then, the employer shall on the basis of the invitation letter and the statement of the employee to make an order on the termination of the employment contract (form number T-8), and in the base specified above documents and the other line necessarily wording "fired on his own initiative in connection with the transfer of LLC" East ", paragraph 5 of article 77 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation." This record should be written in the workbook.

Step 5:

In the case where the transfer takes place on the initiative of the employer, he must send the employee a written request to be transferred from one organization to another, making it necessary for the two months prior to the dismissal. The second has to sign that he agrees to this notice. Further there is the same procedure as in the first case: the order is made, an entry in the service book.