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How to earn a tip

The salary of the staff is usually low. However, for good performance, the tip size can be several times higher salary. Grateful clients never stingy to thank the brilliant masters of beauty services, waiters, Car, which served them on the highest level.

How to earn a tip

Instruction how to earn a tip

Step 1:

tipping culture formed in our country not so long ago. Many, unfortunately, neglected laid 10-15% above accounts, which, as a rule, are a sign of good taste. However, often the service culture is so low that the tip and give no trouble. Yet each service workers should be aware that he has the opportunity to earn a lot of money in place.

Step 2:

First of all, we should take care of their appearance. If the institution has a uniform - excellent. If not, try to dress neutral and restrained. Clients can confuse any excessiveness: loose hair, nails Naroscheny, deep neckline, dirty shoes. Remember that you form the image of the institution and without adequate appearance will never be able to gain the client.

Step 3:

In his desire to please the customer, many simply forget about their core responsibilities. Yes, you want to be friendly and courteous, but, above all, perform flawlessly its direct work. No smiles and wishes a good morning no substitute for maid perfectly retracted rooms. Perfectly manicured, excellent massage or polished to a shine a car - this is something for which you pay a tip.

Step 4:

Constantly improve their skills, and optimize performance. Do it better than their peers. After some time, satisfied customers coming to your restaurant again, can ask the manager to be serviced just you. Consequently, you will get a good tip.

Step 5:

Be careful and patient with the client.

Step 6:

Try to establish eye contact. Do not constantly look into the eyes of the visitor, just occasionally intersects with the eyes and smile.

Step 7:

Be attentive, offers his help, only if you are sure that you can comply with the request.

Step 8:

Needless to say client "no". Demonstrate that did everything to solve this or that problem.

Step 9:

Not break and do not be rude, even if the client is clearly wrong, nervous or behaves inappropriately. You feel that tipping is not necessary to wait for anyway? Just do your job with dignity and patience.

Step 10:

Remember that customer comes into your restaurant not only for the service, but also the mood. Services provide everything, but few are able to create an atmosphere. Even if you are a highly professional hairdresser, your stone face, sharp movements and arrogance hardly coerce a client back to you or leave a tip.