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How to equip a warehouse

Warehouses are different types: open, closed, hangar for storage of food products and others. It should be borne in mind that it is supposed to be stored in the warehouse. Thereafter, it is possible to start the equipment.

How to equip a warehouse

Instruction how to equip the warehouse

Step 1:

Plan the organization of the warehouse. This must be done in accordance with the tasks that will need to perform in the workplace. In drawing up this project consider all factors that may be relevant in the future warehouse equipment (meaning products that must be stored in a given space, warehouse building area, as well as your financial opportunities).

Step 2:

Think what equipment must be installed in the warehouse, which racks can be used. It is necessary to take into account the width of the aisles, the availability of manual labor or process automation. Almost all warehouses used universal shelf racks, pallet racks, allowing to automate the loading (unloading) products. If you design a warehouse of metal pipes, there should calculate the location of the console racks, which have their own specifics.

Step 3:

Please note that commercial warehouse equipment is very important to have the presence of parking, convenient access roads, because it will increase the intensity of the warehouse. In turn, the presence of manual labor is necessary to comply with the restriction on the height of structures mounted. It is best in this case to use the racks, mezzanines, this will help you to increase the production area and allow to do without expensive special warehouse equipment.

Step 4:

Select the zone equipped for picking and sorting of goods to be stored in the warehouse. Determine the most suitable areas for loading and unloading goods.

Step 5:

Provide easy access to each type of storage units in the warehouse. For individual equipment space provided.