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How to extend maternity leave

In accordance with Article 255 of the Labour Code provides each woman paid maternity leave and maternity leave. Articles 256 regulated the provision of paid leave for child care up to one and a half years and unpaid - up to three years. To obtain release data, it is necessary to submit documents and to write a statement.

How to extend maternity leave

You will need:

--zayavlenie sick leave on vacation to one and a half years for the next vacation -zayavlenie -zayavlenie on leave without pay -Certificate child's birth father -spravka from place of work

Instruction how to extend maternity leave

Step 1:

Maternity leave is granted upon presentation of a medical certificate issued in the antenatal clinic. Number of days given depends on how many children to expect a woman. In singleton pregnancies and normal births women paid 70 days before delivery and 70 days after birth. When multiple - 196 days, 86 - before giving birth, 120 - after. Money issued after calculating the total amount of sick leave. Payment is made at the rate of average earnings for the 24 months.

Step 2:

If a woman has had a difficult birth or multiple pregnancy is detected during childbirth, additional days are charged at a separate sick leave after childbirth. During difficult birth - 14 days for multiple pregnancy - 56 days.

Step 3:

To further extend the maternity leave can be taken before the next holiday maternity.

Step 4:

Paid leave and a half years for child care begins immediately after the end of maternity leave. It is provided at the request of the woman and the presentation of documents, which are: birth certificate, certificate from the place of work of his father that he does not use the leave. Payment is made monthly at the rate of 40% of average earnings for the 24 months.

Step 5:

To extend the leave for child care, you must apply for the name of the director. Vacation extended until the child reaches three years.

Step 6:

No other types of leave for child care is not necessary, and extend the time care is possible only if the woman did not use a regular holiday. Or by agreement with the director to grant leave without pay. If the manual is not in accordance with these terms and conditions, the woman would have to resign or go to work.