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How to fill a writ of execution

The writ is a document issued on the basis of a judicial body of the decision, order or settlement agreement. It contains the full name and address of the court in which the proceedings took place, data on the claimant (recoverer) and the defendant (the debtor), displays the result of the decision taken by the court, the amount of penalties and also provides solutions for the date of entry into force. To be completed by the writ of execution at the hands of both, as well as hard copy, without any corrections or additions.

How to fill a writ of execution

You will need:

- the form of the writ; - the court's decision; - The plaintiff's data; - Respondent data; - a computer.

Instruction how to fill out a writ of execution

Step 1:

Take a judgment (Act), under which it will be necessary to complete the writ of execution. Carefully read the document. Note the presence of a number and date, the content of the proceedings, refer to the data of the plaintiff and defendant, as well as the result of the decision.

Step 2:

At the top of a writ of execution write the case number and the date of which shall conform to the judicial act. Date indicated in the writ, is the date of the judgment. Number and enter the year in digits, month - in words.

Step 3:

Write the full name and postal address of the judicial authority, made the decision. Try to keep your hands on the full writ contained a legible and clear information.

Step 4:

Refer to the text of the judicial act, carefully read the materials of the case, in order to properly reflect the essence of the writ of the trial and, as a consequence, to indicate the result of the decision made by the court.

Step 5:

Set out in summary form the information on the claim asserted by the claimant. Then specify the court's decision. Specify the defendant, the plaintiff and the amount determined by the court for the recovery of that write the numbers, and then words.

Step 6:

Specify the date of the writ of entry into force, containing the day, month and year. If the decision requires immediate execution, be sure to display this information.

Step 7:

Write the date of issuance of the writ. On the next line, mark the period of time during which the document can be presented for execution.

Step 8:

Specify the exact data the claimant, then the debtor. For the organization, they must contain the full name and address. For natural person - name, surname, patronymic, date and place of birth, as well as the data of residence or stay.

Step 9:

The writ must contain the signature of the judge and her transcript and official stamp judicial authority. In the event of difficulties in completing a writ of execution, refer to the more experienced staff who can answer questions and will assist in the correct paperwork.