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How to fill in a hospital certificate

In their daily lives, working for the good of the patient, the doctor has to not only treat the patient. Here and diagnostic search, and psychological support to the patient, and work with a variety of securities. This history, magazines and strict accountability, and sick leave, and all kinds of help. There is no doubt that well-formed documents - an indicator of good work. Unfortunately, however, it is not always records maintained immaculately. Especially a lot of errors allowed when filling out certificates.

How to fill in a hospital certificate

Instruction how to fill in a hospital certificate

Step 1:

Take a blank form, prepare for its filling, focus, do not combine this work simultaneously with other chores. When writing a reference use only black or dark blue (purple) ink. Remember that the majority of the approved forms have two sides: the front and back, both of which require proper clearance.

Step 2:

In the case of the issuance of student inquiries in the appropriate column enter its serial number, which specify a journal issued by accounting documents. Sign the date of issuance of certificates, with mean day patient treatment for help. Note that when you make a reference backdating the date of its issuance should not fall on weekends and holidays. Next, list the full name, first name and date of birth of the patient who needs help. After that show the school, university or vocational school. The diagnosis of the disease in the certificates can be designated according to the codes of the international classification of diseases (ICD) or in summary form, without specifying the phase of clinical forms, complications. Keep in mind the average duration of disease and the timing of recovery in each case. In the "Presence contact with infectious patients" in the absence of such, just put a dash. Below reference set, with some of the student can and should attend school. Specify in this case, for what period of time he is released from physical exercise. It is mandatory to assure the document with his signature, stamps, in the upper right corner of the stamp at the bottom - the official stamp of the institution that issued the certificate.

Step 3:

When making reference to the pool, keep in mind that its validity period is six months. Surname, name and patronymic help make the owner fully. Do not forget to affix the year of birth of the applicant. select "healthy (a)" The "diagnosis" line. At the bottom mark the date, month and year of issue of the title of the document, sign it.

How to fill in a hospital certificate