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How to fill in the work book at the businessman

The formalization of an employee in a private entrepreneur presupposed until 2006 only drafting an employment contract, registered at one of the local authorities. On the October 6, 2006 an individual has an obligation to fill the employee work record. What about an individual entrepreneur to stick when you make entries in the workbook?

How to fill in the work book at the businessman

Instruction how to fill in the work book at the businessman

Step 1:

Arrange the first page of the book, if your record will be the first. Enter the last name, first name and date of birth, using passport data. To fill the items "Education" and "Education" take corresponding document, select the type of education (higher professional, specialized secondary, general secondary, etc.) and specialty without qualifications (teacher, economist, lawyer, accountant, etc ).. Put legibly his signature and full name and stamp of the individual entrepreneur. Personal signature and shall supply an employee, assuring that the data you specify.

Step 2:

In the section "Information on the" start recording by filling in the third column of data on individual entrepreneurs (who works, surname, name, patronymic). For example, "The private lawyer Sergey Ivanenko." On the basis of an employment contract issued an order or an order for hiring the employee, make a record of the subsequent number in the workbook. Put the date of receipt of the contract, rather than the date of filling! Make a full entry in the third column indicating the position, department, etc. For example: "Adopted for a sales position." In the last column, record the document type, date and number ( "Order from 05.03.2001, the №3»). Note that if the hiring was done to 06.10.2006, at the account must match the date of the employment contract.

Step 3:

When dismissing an employee put the next record number, date of dismissal, the reason (base) the termination of the employment contract in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, indicating the item and part of the law, document name, date and number. You must specify the position of the filling person who puts his signature and decryption, and then assures the seal of this record of an individual entrepreneur. Introduction of an employee is made by hand. If he is hired until 06 October 2006 and no corresponding employment records, the record of resignation after this date will not be valid! The last working day is considered the day of dismissal.