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How to fill in the work book in hiring

The work book is the main document of each employee. It contains information on the length of service, as well as its increase, rewards, transfers, etc. This document is issued at the first employment, and on the following areas of work to make only information on the nature of the work.

How to fill in the work book in hiring

Instruction how to fill in the work book in hiring

Step 1:

If an employee is arranged for the first time to work, you must take out the work book, which is a form of strict accountability. All data is entered only in the presence of the employee, as well as on the basis of documents (passports, diplomas, marriage certificates, etc.).

Step 2:

Fill out the cover sheet. Specify the name and patronymic (based on the passport). Rows below to enter your date of birth in the format

Step 3:

Next comes the line "Education", fill it on the basis of a diploma, certificate or passport. There is no need to specify the name of the institution; enough to write "Higher", "vocational", "secondary general", etc.

Step 4:

Rows below to enter the profession, such as "programmer" or "accountant." That is, you have to write what is stated in the document on education.

Step 5:

At the end of the filling put the date on the signature owner give employment record and sign themselves. In the lower left corner put the seal of the organization.

Step 6:

Next you will see the section "Information on paper", which consists of six graphs. In the first recording, specify a sequence number, the other three - the date of entry in the format. Further, based on the order, specify the very wording of the recording, referring to an article of the Labor Code. Keep in mind that the reduction in the workbook are not allowed, so even the regulation should be written in full - "Russian Federation Labor Code." The last column specify the number and order date on the basis of which made information.

Step 7:

If you have entered incorrect information, cross out or cover up in any case not necessary. Below, put down the next sequential number, select dates for making corrections in the next column write: "Record (specify how) with the number considered null and void." Here again enter the serial number, the date and the correct wording.

Step 8:

If the employee's name has changed, cross out the old one feature, select a new top, and on the inside cover, specify a document based on which the amended; set position, signature, date and seal.

Step 9:

When hiring, you must make an entry in the work book, but put a stamp in the case of dismissal. The document should be signed by the head or staff worker, acting on the basis of power of attorney or the order appointing the person responsible for the conduct of work books.