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How to fill labor director

As ordinary people in the organization, the Director is necessary to issue the work book. It would seem that may be different than the entry in the workbook ordinary employee and director of the firm, but the hiring of the director has some peculiarities.

How to fill labor director

You will need:

Computers, printers, A4 paper, pen, employment history or director of its clean form, enterprise printing.

Instruction how to fill labor director

Step 1:

Before you fill in the work book director, it is necessary to write an application for a job at his same name and sign it himself, if he is the sole founder of the company.

Step 2:

If several founders of the company, drawn up a protocol of a constituent assembly, which is signed by each founder.

Step 3:

It constitutes a contract of employment with the director of the company, which is signed by the director of both sides, if it is - the only founder. If several founders, the contract signed by the director of the employee and the employer - the chairman of the founding board, which is an elected person.

Step 4:

It issued an order for employment, where the hired as director and the employer acts as the director, he also signs it.

Step 5:

If hired as director would not start work record, you must buy it pure form.

Step 6:

On the first page of the work book you must enter the surname, name and patronymic hired as director, his date of birth.

Step 7:

In accordance with the document on education write status of received education and training received during the occupation, profession.

Step 8:

Specify the date of completion of the work book.

Step 9:

On the first page of the work book puts a signature face, filling her, and do not forget to put the seal of the enterprise, in which the plant employment history.

Step 10:

Put down the record number, date of admission to the post of Director.

Step 11:

In the fourth column write the phrase "Admitted to the post of Director". Put signature cadre and printing organizations.

Step 12:

In the fifth column of the work record card received for the post of Director of the foundation register of employment. The basis is an order for a job or a protocol of a constituent assembly. In some cases, indicate the two documents.