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How to fill out a form for a bank

After the financial crisis in Russia again started the credit growth of the market. Banks have started to open new branches and recruit. This is a good opportunity for those who want to start a career in the financial sector. But when a job other than diplomas and skills plays an important role first impression which has developed from a hiring manager. Therefore, it is important to fill out a form when submitting his candidature for the post of bank employee.

How to fill out a form for a bank

You will need:

- passport; - A diploma or a certificate of graduation; - employment history.

Instruction how to fill out a form for a bank

Step 1:

You get a form to fill. In some cases, it may be obtained in the bank. Ask one of the staff if you can fill out a questionnaire to other banks trudoustroystva.V form to fill in, you can only get to the interview, so you will have to pre-register for a job interview. To do this, you need to send your resume, indicating the desired job in the address of the personnel department.

Step 2:

After receiving the questionnaire, fill it in accordance with the requirements. Enter your last name, first name, address, valid contact telephone numbers, e-mail, passport data. In the formation provide information about the year of graduation from high school, diploma of secondary and higher education - the place and year of issue, obtain special. If you have received a diploma with honors, do not forget to mention it. Also specify in the questionnaire vocational retraining and advanced training, if you were them.

Step 3:

Fill out the section on work experience. Enter the name of the company, its location - the address and phone number, your position in the organization, operation date.

Step 4:

When prompted to specify the names of your immediate family - parents, brothers and sisters. It is necessary to verify your identity security service.

Step 5:

In the section about your professional qualities mark those skills and traits that can help you when dealing with the bank: learning ability, punctuality, responsibility, computer skills and so on.

Step 6:

Do not forget to attach your picture to the questionnaire. It should be passport-sized.

Step 7:

Completed application form, send an e-mail or personally handed personnel manager.