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How to fill the employee's labor book

Work-book, according to the Labor Code, the Decree of the Russian Federation "On labor books" dated April 16, 2003 № 225 and Decree of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development "On Approval of the reporting instructions of labor books" dated November 11, 2003 № 5219, is the basic document which contains information on the length of service and the employee. From 1 January 2004 at the territory of Russia in the course of the employment records of the new sample. They are characterized by the best quality paper and printing industry, the presence of glowing under ultraviolet light specks on sheets of paper, the lack of information on the appointment of pensions, as now it is the duty of the employee, and other changes.

How to fill the employee's labor book

Instruction how to fill the employee's labor book

Step 1:

The work book is filled with HR specialist, HR employee, who is in any organization within a week from the date of employment. With all the employee records insertion should familiarize lichno.Zapisi need to make a gel, a pen or a ballpoint pen blue, black or purple tsveta.Pri filling of employment record is not allowed to make cuts. All entries must be made in full.

Step 2:

On the first page of the work book you must specify the surname, name and patronymic, date of birth, as recorded in pasporte.Takzhe The first page includes the level of education on the basis of supporting documents. The appropriate box is necessary to enter the specialty according to the diploma. If the employee several specialties, each of them is indicated. If the employee does not have documents confirming the specialty, the data in this column is not zapolnyayutsya.V column "date of completion" indicates the date of the first record in the workbook, which will be contained on the pages 2-3. Here it is necessary to put the signature specialist, responsible for the execution of the work book with a transcript of the signature and seal of the organization in which this work-book has been issued. In fact, this company print - first place of work, details of which have been made in this book under the number "1".

Step 3:

The "Information on the" section information shall be made the following kind: 1) information on employment; 2) data transfer to another job, position within an organization; 3) information on the dismissal, as well as grounds for termination of employment dogovora.V "1" field enter the serial number of records: 1, 2, 3, and so on.In line "2" register datu.V "3" column fits the name of the organization, and then made a record of hiring, transfer to another position, upgrade, indicating the reasons for dismissal, as indicated here reference to the article of the law, on the basis of which the decision to dismiss. For example, "to resign on the basis of paragraph 3 of Article 77 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation." The date of dismissal is considered to be the last day of the employee in the organization. Each entry seal of the unit dealing with registration of labor books, for example, the Department of "4" Column organizatsii.V frames need to write down the date and the organization of internal order number, under which the entry is made in the workbook.

Step 4:

data in the section "Information about rewardings" Similarly made.