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How to find a job in Moscow for a week

When it comes to the decision on change of residence, it is better to think in advance the key points. These include: finding accommodation, finding a new job, a kindergarten or a school for the children, etc. Each item requires careful planning.. This article will look at how to find a job in the capital of Russian mid-level professionals (accountants, managers, and others).

How to find a job in Moscow for a week

You will need:

--noutbuk Internet / computer / tablet / phone

Instruction how to find a job in Moscow for a week

Step 1:

To start with the exact date of your arrival in Moscow. Two weeks before the start of the monitoring job for your specialty. When you create a CV on the sites to find work, pay attention to the point - city of residence. There are two options of filling: - specify the city in which you reside at the time of the summary. But in this case, many Moscow companies will ignore your resume. -ukazat the city of Moscow. Then you can start to call the next day and invited to an interview. At the time a phone call, you can say the exact date of arrival to Moscow, and arrange a meeting.

Step 2:

When you have a few arrangements for an interview, yet you have not left your hometown, it will give a sense of confidence. But it must be remembered that this is not a 100% guarantee. Someone might get lucky on arrival just to get a job. A position can be closed already, but you may be offered another position. Therefore, despite the agreement on the interviews, make yourself a list of other interesting companies have.

Step 3:

The important point is also the size of the company in which you want to get. If it is a small private company, the decision about your employment may be taken in the interview day. If a company with a large network of branches, holding, then be ready for at least a week's consideration of your candidacy. This factor must be taken into account if you have a small supply of financial resources.