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How to find client manager

You have successfully passed all stages of the interview and got the position of sales manager. Ask your boss if there is a list of potential customers. If so, the problem is simplified. But most likely, you will be prompted to create their own client base. Where to begin?

How to find client manager

Instruction how to find client manager

Step 1:

First of all, define the range of entities that may be interested in your product or service. Possible selection criteria - the industry, the number of employees, location, turnover, availability of branches. Describe all the signs in order of importance.

Step 2:

Select the sources of the customer base. This can be telephone directories and industry enterprises, advertising publications, electronic maps. Active use of the Internet resource: browse through the directories of organizations, participate in discussion forums where your potential customers are communicating. Track information on tenders and public contracts. As a rule, it can be posted on the websites of government agencies and large enterprises.

Step 3:

Take part in seminars, conferences, exhibitions. Prior to the event, try to find out from the organizers, who plan to visit - so you can advance to gather information about potential customers. Stock up on a sufficient number of business cards, make a badge, prepare a special offer. If there is an opportunity to make a presentation or participate in a round table - wonderful! Your task - to make themselves known to the greatest number of people.

Step 4:

Become a member of the club, which brings together representatives of various organizations, united by common professional interests. For example, if you sell software - join the club of IT professionals, advertise - look where marketers gather.

Step 5:

Use the recommendations of its customers. After the transaction, ask the client to advise new customers - perhaps its neighbors or friends will want to use your service? As a thank you give a discount or make a small gift.

Step 6:

Your customers may become familiar. Colorfully tell us about what you are doing now, to the greatest possible number of people. Write about it on social networks, blogs and forums.