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How to find someone to work

Footage - one of the main components of a successful business. Without the ability of skilled workers, the company simply cease to exist over time. That is why finding a good staff you need to pay close attention.

How to find someone to work

Instruction how to find a person at work

Step 1:

First and foremost, make a list of requirements that help from the great mass of applicants to choose exactly that employee that you need. For example, education, work experience, age, gender, social status, personal qualities, bad habits, etc.

Step 2:

Now you need to advertise the vacancy. Select several newspapers that publish the heading "Jobs", place ads on sites of employment. It is advisable to look at the thematic forums related to your operation specifics and leave there a message that you need an employee. You can also apply to the unemployment office or contact rekrutinovye agency.

Step 3:

Also, talk to friends and acquaintances - may they have in mind your desired specialist. If possible, peeped over the people your desired profile in other companies. Try to lure out to his good worker.

Step 4:

Be prepared that your vacancy announcement comes mass of "useless" resume. They must be immediately weed out and leave only those candidates who meet your requirements. Then invite candidates for an interview.

Step 5:

Pay attention to the behavior of a potential employee. Did he come on time there is confidence itself during the interview if you like it, how to answer questions. What he is interested in the work of your organization, and what sacrifices he is willing to go for a common cause.

Step 6:

Ask the candidate to write on a piece of paper the names and phone numbers of people who can give him a response - the leaders of organizations that previously worked interviewee, teachers of the university or former colleagues. Then contact these people and make inquiries about the candidate.

Step 7:

After analyzing the information, make the right choice.