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How to fix the name in the workbook

Work book - the main document is a confirmation of employment and seniority of the employee. In order that in the future no problems with the paperwork (eg retirement), all the data in the work book should be made correctly and competently.

How to fix the name in the workbook

Instruction how to correct the name in the workbook

Step 1:

According to paragraph 26 "Russian Federation Government Resolution" from 16.04.2003, the number 225 the change of name in the workbook worker by the employer on the basis of the submitted documents (passport, certificate of marriage, certificate of divorce).

Step 2:

Change the names in the workbook employee made on the basis of personally written by him to the head of the organization of the application, which should contain the request for changes with the reasons and the relevant documents.

Step 3:

On the basis of this statement the organization issued an order in any form of change in the employee names. This order, together with copies of the documents (passport, marriage certificate, divorce certificate) are included in the private affair of the worker.

Step 4:

Change the names of the employee primarily performed on the title page of the work book. The old data is neatly crossed out one level below so that they could easily be read. Top specifies the new data.

Step 5:

On the inside cover of the work book carried a detailed description of the changes. That is, it is a record of the documents on which the changes were made. Below is the position, signature and full name of the responsible person, which is the seal of the organization or the seal of the personnel department, if changes are made to the personnel specialist.

Step 6:

Under the amended employee data, which owns the work book sets record "Aware of (a)", Signature and full name.