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How to get a job for the enterprise

Aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners is very difficult to provide for themselves orders. To find customers, you must first of all ensure a smooth operation of the enterprise and establish itself as a reliable partner.

How to get a job for the enterprise

Instruction how to get a job for the enterprise

Step 1:

Contact your local Small Business Support Fund. Make a request for participation in the competition for the public order. Prior to this, keep track of all the information posted in the regional Business Herald. But, unfortunately, for many reasons, may be published in the publications of information, not all tenders.

Step 2:

Review the business plan of your company. If the organization of the company you were one yourself, call in a specialist to make possible adjustments. Refer to your investors (if any), and agree with them all the possible changes.

Step 3:

Find investors for your business and point out the prospects of cooperation with you subject to the new investments that you spend on the purchase of a new (or additional) equipment.

Step 4:

Choose among the orders offered by public or private customers only the ones that can be provided by the production capacity of your business, without additional staff or sub-contractors.

Step 5:

If resources permit, get training and retraining of personnel, your company become more attractive in the eyes of customers.

Step 6:

Conduct market research and the company will shift depending on which products are delivered to the regional and national market, the most in demand.

Step 7:

Create a website of your company, which place the company information, product catalogs, articles about the direction of your activities, constantly updated industry news block.

Step 8:

Optimize service and sales work of transport in your company to potential customers in the medium did not arise rumors about your unreliability during the work.