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How to get a job in Turkey

Due to the difficult economic situation in some of the small towns in Russia, many people go in search of high-paying jobs abroad, for example in Turkey. However, it is necessary to be extremely careful, because you can get into the hands of fraudsters who did not pay a penny for your work.

How to get a job in Turkey

Instruction how to get a job in Turkey

Step 1:

The best way to get a job in Turkey officially, that is, with registration at the consulate full working visa. This will allow you to protect yourself from many problems and difficulties related to cooperation with the Turkish unscrupulous employers. Of course, on the design of the necessary documentation you will take a few months, but after all this, you are officially settle down in their specialty on Turkish soil.

Step 2:

Work in Turkey for Russian fraught with many risks, so check the company's reputation carefully where you are going to find a job. If have any doubt, give up the idea of ​​such earnings. MAL recent years we know many cases when people went there, disappeared without a trace. Therefore, be extremely careful.

Step 3:

To find an employer may be at special Turkish and Russian sites where you can find a lot of interesting jobs. In recent years, due to the high pay and pleasant conditions for life, work as an animator in Turkey is very popular among domestic experts. And this is due to the fact that, unfortunately, in Russia with such payment and such prospects can not be found.

Step 4:

However, this is not the only possible vacancy. If you know a foreign language well and love to travel, try to get a guide or hotel manager. You will be able to raise the level of knowledge of a foreign language, to communicate with people from different countries and to better understand Turkey. In addition, you can successfully work with Russian tourists, telling them about Turkey in Russian. Refer directly to the sites of Turkish hotels and ask them if they are in need of workers in this class.

Step 5:

If you are a university student, and students majoring in tourism-related or foreign languages, talk with employees of dean's office or organization of students. Many universities have programs specifically for international students. Leave will only 3-5 months, but even this experience can not hurt you in the future.