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How to get a master category

Our educational system is suffocating from a lack of good teachers. Young professionals are not able to work with students and teachers with experience are in crisis due to lack of time for periodic retraining in connection with the constantly changing order of the educational activities. But, on the other hand, the teacher, has a category, not just better versed in their subject, but also gets a substantial premium to the traditionally meager wages. How do you get a category?

How to get a master category

Instruction how to get a master category

Step 1:

The application for re-certification and assignment of categories to the teacher gives the school administration. The application and the necessary documents is available only to the regional certifying commission. If you are not more than 2 years in the school or are on maternity leave, then you set a specific timetable for the attestation.

Step 2:

All documents for certification and / or assignment of qualification category fills the employer. If you combine work in several educational institutions, such documents may execute and deliver to the Commission, several employers. The package of documents (portfolio teachers) usually includes: - a certified copy of your employment record; - A certified copy of your diploma (or vocational) education; - Characteristics from your place of work (or more), the results of the educational and extra-curricular activities; - Certificate of completion of the CPC and the receipt of other types of education; - Information on the results of your previous certification (copy).

Step 3:

Check out the notification of your certification no later than one month before it started and get information about the date and location, as well as the time of the certification tests. Written confirmation of the fact of acquaintance.

Step 4:

If you do not have the categories or you coming to the end of the 5 year term of the previous categories, you can apply yourself to the regional certifying commission. You can apply only if since the previous certification passed at least 2 years, or you work in one place and not less than 2 years.

Step 5:

The application shall attach a standard package of documents (portfolio) and a sheet with the results of previous certifications (if any). Fill the new attestation sheet to the point specified in the rules of registration.

Step 6:

Please note that not later than a month you will have to be notified, certified members of the commission, the date, place and time of the qualification test.

Step 7:

The test takes place at the commission meeting in the form of professional expertise of the teacher achievements. If you wish to attend this meeting, please indicate this in his statement to the assignment category.

Step 8:

As a result of testing the decision on awarding or refusing assignment category. The original attestation sheet with the results of passing the tests will be sent to the employer.

Step 9:

If you already have a "first" category, but you have been denied assigning a "higher", the effect of "first" is maintained until deadlines.

Step 10:

You can appeal the decision of the Certification Commission. Refer to the regional department of education, labor dispute committee or court. If you decide to go to court, the application can be submitted within 3 months from the date of the decision by the Commission.