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How to get an expert certificate

Expert - is a person that has passed a certain test procedure and received permission to carry out certain types of work (in your profile). His conclusion is generally recognized by qualified and accepted as evidence of the truth. Therefore, for the certification issues such specialists are being very, very carefully.

How to get an expert certificate

You will need:

-statement; document confirming your qualifications

Instruction how to get expert certificate

Step 1:

Before you apply for a certificate of the expert, once again remember that the specialist should be aware of this kind. This is an analysis of the documents, actions or drawings / graphics, product specific tests related to the provision of materials, evaluation of the quality and development of its own new study materials and assessment methodologies. If you are a professional in their field of work, you can safely apply.

Step 2:

To do this, you need to submit an application. Write and submit it to the certification body experts. Attach to it all the documents proving that you have a wealth of experience (certificates of management, medals, awards, etc.); information about your education (general, supplementary, training courses, etc.); project data that you are driving and your achievements to them. All this will help the Commission to properly assess your options and take a positive decision.

Step 3:

If the commission is composed of experts of the certification body decides that you are a worthy candidate for a permit, then you are waiting for the exams. As a rule, such a qualification test consists of four parts. The first - a written general, the second - a special work, the third - the practical work, the fourth - oral interview. During the first part of the exam, you will be offered a test for knowledge of all the basic legal and regulatory acts of the expert techniques, etc. The second part involves answering questions about narrowly targeted regulations relating to your professional sphere. The third part of the exam involves you in writing to disassemble a few examples of what you have to face and offer their motivated options how to spend it. The interview will take you to an expert of the highest qualification. Answer will have 5 questions.

Step 4:

If you pass the exam tests adequately, the Commission once again revert to your documents, adding to them more and Examination Commission report. And based on these securities will take a final decision on granting (or denying) you expert certificate.