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How to get in the newspaper

Jobs in the newspaper for both free freelancers and those looking for a permanent place of employment. To get in the newspaper or magazine, you need not only the ability to write, but also active and disruptive character to knock on all the doors until one of them does not open.

How to get in the newspaper

Instruction how to get in the newspaper

Step 1:

Get an education journalist. This profession requires a strong knowledge of the grammar of the Russian language, the ability to write in a variety of formats, and follow the canons of various genres. In addition, a good journalist should have a broad vision that just creates higher education. However, specialized education in journalism - it's not only an opportunity to learn the basic skills, but also get the right connections. Courses in journalism faculties often read by experienced editors, who celebrate the talented young authors.

Step 2:

Start looking for a job while studying. Many newspapers and magazines are happy to recruit interns. Thus, you will be able to demonstrate their best qualities of both the employer and obtain essential practical skills. Those who showed himself well during practice, often offer to remain in the state. In any case, you will have the publication and its portfolio section, that the labor market is valued more than the diploma.

Step 3:

Looking for a job directly. Journalism belongs to the category of creative professions, where a diploma is not a prerequisite for admission to employment. Make a list of topics that you are ready to write. Think about what newspapers and magazines you like, close in spirit and orientation. Then proceed: Come to the publisher, ask uedientsii the chief editor or editor of the department that is right for you. Personal contact preferably phone conversation or Internet correspondence. You can bring the finished article that corresponds to the format of publication. It does not necessarily take into print, but the editor will be able to get acquainted with your writing style.

Step 4:

The presence of even a modest portfolio will increase your chances to get to the publisher, so wear and offer your articles to different publishers. Suggest my pen to those who in the future will help to promote the finished article in print. For example, call the theater and asked to write a review for the play. Arrange to interview, timed to the anniversary of your old university teacher. The department or theater managers certainly cooperate with certain publishers and help to publish the article.