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How to get the service of the Federal Tax Service

Internal Revenue Service - one of the most stable structures. It features a high opportunity for professional growth and, accordingly, the planned growth of wages. A good option for employment. Work in the Federal Tax Service of the dream of many lawyers and economists. But the opinion has developed in our society, which is not to get in without FNS "shaggy paws" and a pack of denominations. I have personal experience convinced that all this is a lie. Of course, to get the service of the FTS is not so easy, but possible. Even yesterday, a graduate student without protection can be employed in the Federal Tax Service. Today I decided to share my experience with you.

How to get the service of the Federal Tax Service

You will need:

- document of higher legal or economic education and photocopy; - Passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and a photocopy; - The absence of a criminal record in the candidate and his close relatives; - Certificate from the Federal Tax Service at the place of registration; - Medical certificate the absence of diseases preventing civilian public service; - Photos (format 3x4 cm); - A written statement on the consideration of your candidacy to serve in the tax supervisors.

Instruction on how to get service in the Federal Tax Service

Step 1:

Go to the official website of the Federal Tax Service in your area and see if there are open vacancies. If you live in the village, to learn something about the opening of the competition for the available space, you can in one of the regional print media. By law, the competition must be open for at least 30 days. The announcement about the opening of the contest shall be indicated reception conditions and deadlines for submission of documents, as specified in the announcement will address to which you want to send a prepared package of documents. In point "You will need" I have a standard set of documents, which I personally sent. But it can vary depending on the conditions of the competition, so I recommend you call the Federal Tax Service of the personnel department and refine the list of necessary documents.

Step 2:

FNS conducts open tenders, so be prepared for competition. If you have finished university recently, then you will be easier, since all legislation that you have studied, had not yet forgotten. If you have been graduated from university, I recommend you repeat the main points of the Tax Code, the Civil Code and the Constitution.

Step 3:

The contest will be conducted in two phases. In the first phase the staff department of the Federal Tax Service staff will study your documents and to establish their authenticity. At me several candidates withdrew from the competition at this stage.

Step 4:

The second step is a job interview. It practically does not differ from other interviews, so if you are a professional in the business, you can easily pass it. Try not to get nervous and answer questions clearly and audibly.

Step 5:

After the interview, you have to wait. I waited for 3 weeks, and then they called me and said that I accepted. If you decide to go to serve in the Federal Tax Service, I wish you the same call!