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How to hire an employee

Get to work an employee can be written on the basis of their application for employment. The employer should arrange it in accordance with the labor laws. To do so, issue an order on the adoption of the employee to a position to conclude an employment contract with him, to have a personal card and make an entry in the service book.

How to hire an employee

You will need:

- employee records; - Documents of the enterprise; - Stamp of the organization; - Labour Code of the Russian Federation; - Forms of the relevant documents; - a pen.

Instruction how to hire an employee

Step 1:

The applicant wrote a statement in the name of the first person of the company. The document states the citizen's request to take it to a certain position and indicates the date from which it should adopt. In the statement, the employee puts his signature and the date of writing the application. On paper the company director in the case of a positive decision affix a resolution with the date and signature.

Step 2:

Make an order for a job, set it to the date and number. In the header of the document, specify the full name of the enterprise, enter the subject of the order and the reason for its publication. The administrative part of the register name, surname, patronymic employee received, the name of the office which carried out the reception. Assure the order stamped and signed by a company director. Familiarize received for the position of the employee to the document by hand.

Step 3:

Enclose with the employee labor contract, which list the rights and obligations of the parties. Specify the employee information, job title, which he accepted, write the amount of money that will be paid for the performance of its skilled labor function. Set the term of the contract. On the part of the employee signs a document adopted by the incumbent, the employer - director of the company, sealed by the organization.

Step 4:

Entry was made in the work book of the employee. Put the serial number of the record, select dates for admission to employment, in the information about the register the fact of the adoption of the employee to the position. Enter the company name, job title, and the structural unit. recording basis is the order for a job, write its number and date of publication.

Step 5:

Get a personal card to the employee, enter the required data in accordance with an identification document, the document about education, careers and other information.