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How to hold a competition for the best profession

When the company employs professionals, it shows good results, her work satisfied customers and partners. The contest "Best in Profession" gives each employee a chance to demonstrate their skills and prove to be highly qualified.

How to hold a competition for the best profession

You will need:

-the scenario of the event; -zadaniya for the contestants; -prizy for the winners; -pooschritelnye prizes.

Instruction how to hold a competition for the best profession

Step 1:

Preparation of professional competition are best start at the beginning of the year and connect to the realization of this project, several divisions of the company, so that this process is not stretched over a long period.

Step 2:

Develop a draft of the Regulations of the competition "Best in Profession". Connect to the department or the center of public relations, charge its employees to identify and compile a list of professionals who will participate in the competition. Establish a commission that will evaluate the skills of experts, set the dates of the competition.

Step 3:

Inform about the competition "Best in Profession" employees of the company and carry out the collection of applications for participation. To perform this function, define a few people who will be engaged in the dissemination of information about the imminent start of the competition on the internal website of the company, on corporate pages of the magazine, newspaper or other information resource company.

Step 4:

Assign responsibility for the collection and processing of applications from potential participants. Enlist the support of heads of departments and assign them to encourage staff to filing. Adoption applications stop for three weeks prior to the competition and take the time to prepare the participants for competitive jobs.

Step 5:

Think about and prepare prizes for the winners. These awards can be: silver badges with company logo, cash prizes, certificates, diplomas. Do not forget about the prize-winners, prepare prizes, taking into account their quality, usefulness and versatility.

Step 6:

Beat the competition in two stages. In the first turn on the theoretical test items to test both general and specific professional knowledge. The second draw both practical and ask the contestants to perform tasks to test their professional skills.

Step 7:

After these two steps Take the time to count the balls and summing up a special committee of the contest. Based on the calculation of balls determine the winners. Awarded prizes.