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How to keep a journal of labor protection

Logbook instruction on occupational safety in the workplace - a very important and serious document, which is evidence that the employer runs imputed to it by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation the duty to ensure safe working conditions of workers. News magazine on labor protection is necessary in order to ensure the integration of ongoing briefings, allowing the company to acquaint employees with safety and prevent occupational injuries.

How to keep a journal of labor protection

Instruction how to log on labor protection

Step 1:

Each employee of the enterprise, engaged in the production, must undergo periodic safety training. This instruction is the primary, when applying for a job again, targeted and non-routine. The fact of carrying out any of these briefings should always be recorded in a special register registration instructing in the workplace. Check out the recommended form of this journal in GOST 12.0.004-90 "Organization of safety training. General Provisions. "

Step 2:

The proposed form is a recommendation, but, in any case, it is advisable to keep a journal in a tabular form. The magazine forms samples offered in Annexes 4 and 6 to GOST 12.0.004-90, no count, which was fixed to instruction number, according to which was given instruction. Use the Count 5, which reflects the kind of instruction. You also have the right to enter an additional graph and indicate the number of instructions in it, and its name.

Step 3:

As the mandatory leave the date of the briefing graphs, surnames, names, patronymic and position of instructor and instruktiruemogo view of coaching and instruction number. Provide graphs, where it will be painted and instruktiruemogo instructor, as well as that of the official who is authorized to give permission to work after the briefing.

Step 4:

Buy a magazine, made in the printing. They are sold in office supply stores. If you do not, then register it in a conventional notebook into a cell. Number each page of the magazine and its proshnuruyte. Reassure numbering signature of the responsible for the conduct of the official seal of the magazine and your organization. Keep a log at the head of the company.