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How to make a business trip at the weekend

To make travel on weekends or holidays the employer need to make a service job, traveling certificate, an order in the form of T-9 and T-9a, a staff member on arrival from a trip should write a report about the trip, fill expense report and submit it to the accounting department. Documented nearly well executed trip on weekdays, but differs trip over the weekend that it is paid at double the rate.

How to make a business trip at the weekend

You will need:

- Forms documents on a business trip; - Documents of the employee; - Documents of the enterprise; - Stamp of the organization; - a pen; - Details of the company, which is sent to the employee.

Instruction how to make a business trip at the weekend

Step 1:

Head of structural unit should write to the Director of the company's memorandum in which to write the surname, name and patronymic of staff sent on a business trip, his post. It indicates the reason for which you want to send to other city employees, as well as the reason for which it was necessary to second specialist is on a weekend or holiday. Note signed by the head of the structural unit indicating his name and initials and directed to the director of the company, which in turn puts down a resolution in the case of agreement with the date and signature.

Step 2:

Make a service job for a unified form of the T-10A, enter the name, surname, name and patronymic of a posted worker, the name of his position, the structural unit. Specify the purpose of the trip. This may be a negotiation, signing documents. Write a travel period in calendar days: total and excluding travel time. On reference signs head of structural division and director of the company. Blank is the task for the statement of mission personnel on arrival from a trip. This document employee must write within three days.

Step 3:

Make a traveling certificate in the form of T-10, which enter the name of the organization, which is sent to the employee, the name of the city where it is located, the country, if it is a business trip abroad. Enter the necessary data and details of the employee of your company.

Step 4:

Make an order form or a T-9 T-9a (depending on the number of staff assigned to trip). Enter employee data, company name, where he was sent, briefly describe the purpose of the trip and select travel period. Enter that weekends and holidays business trip will be paid by the employee, or double the amount provided for the other days of time off, and paid off in single size (to choose the traveler). Signs ordered the director of the enterprise. Reassure document stamped and familiarize employees with them on receipt.

Step 5:

If an employee is on a business trip only on weekends and holidays, this fact should be noted in the service task and travel documents.