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How to make a correction in the workbook

Sometimes, in practice there are cases when the cadres are mistaken when entering any information in the work book. Of course, the filling of this document requires the utmost care and attention, but if this happens, you need to correct. How to do it?

How to make a correction in the workbook

Instruction how to make a correction in the workbook

Step 1:

Before correction in employment records of employees could be made only by the head of the organization, through the fault of which the error occurred. Now everything is different: adjustments are made and the new employer. Keep in mind that everything is done according to the official documents from the previous place of work, for example, on the basis of the order.

Step 2:

The main mistake of cadres is the use of inaccurate recording a strikeout. Some even manage to use the bar for glossing. So do not in any case impossible.

Step 3:

Make changes necessary under the previous record. To do this, put down the serial number, the date of correction. In column 3 write: "Record number (enter the serial number of inaccurate wording) be considered null and void", and in column 4 enter the order in which included an inaccurate record.

Step 4:

Then write the correct wording of the bottom, and having filled in all the blanks. If the previous order was wrong, the manager must publish the new correct order, and have him you make in column 4.

Step 5:

In that case, if a mistake is made in the company's name, for example, instead of the required Limited Liability Company "Vostok" is written, Limited Liability Company "Vostog", the correct wording is also necessary to make a previous recording, but without a serial number, order, that is, just write: "In the name of the organization you make a mistake, limited liability company" Vostok "."

Step 6:

If a mistake was made on the title page, namely first or last name, it is possible on the basis of the passport to make changes by crossing out one feature of incorrect data, and then enter the correct information should be on top. Do not forget to write down the inside of the links on this change, then there must sign the head of the organization or cadre.

Step 7:

But that such situations do not arise it is advisable to get acquainted with the order of the head of the organization, for example, with the order for a transfer to another position, then refine the accuracy of the data and information already make. Complete work record must be a gel, pen and paper with a ballpoint pen, use with black, blue or purple ink.