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How to make a great presentation

Presentation - is the target audience view information about anything. Structure of the presentation - a way of organizing your ideas. Who is working on the target, making the content of speech understandable audience, makes it easy to track the progress of your reasoning. The clear structure and balance give information Rapporteur freedom and ease of presentation topics, and the audience - it helps in the perception.

How to make a great presentation

Instruction how to make a great presentation

Step 1:

The main part of the presentation: - introduction (15% of the time); - The main part (75% of the time); - Conclusion (10% of the time).

Step 2:

The structure of administration Use by three "tell" - tell the audience what you are going to tell them; - Actually tell; - Tell me what you've been told. Therefore, in the introduction tell what you're going to tell. 1. seize upon the attention of the audience;: The following scheme is perfect for the structure of administration 2. Tell me, why do you have to listen; 3. Name the topic; 4. confirm the importance of your idea; 5. designate targets.

Step 3:

The structure of the main part 1 situation. Tell us what the situation is considered in your area at the moment. 2. The negative consequences. Determine the consequences that may occur if you do not take the necessary action. 3. A key question. Highlight the main idea for the promotion of which the communication takes place. 4. Offer. Expand the essence of your idea. 5. Positive results. Describe what will be the benefits of the implementation of your project. 6. Action Plan. Identify the first steps to implement your ideas.

Step 4:

Finally, repeat the main points, repeat basic chords: Benefits needs. Complete presentation on a positive note, your last sentence - this is what remains in the memory of the audience. Thank the audience.

Step 5:

One of the key moments in preparation for a presentation is its design. As the title material (slides, handouts), use the main idea you want to convey to the audience. Title slide has to answer the question "What wants to say Rapporteur?". Formulate it as a statement. Use the universal rules of visual range. - Avoid unnecessary words; - In one slide do no more than 15 lines; - Meaningful use bold, italic, underline; - Bullets or text tables should reveal only one topic; - Do not use all capital letters; - The intervals between the lines do enough for readability.