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How to make a part-time personnel

Often, organizations require the employee is not a full-time, and at half the rate. Receiving such an employee must be formalized in accordance with labor legislation, that is required for admission to work, order, contract of employment, personal card, entry in the workbook. But adoption specialist at half the rate has distinctive features.

How to make a part-time personnel

You will need:

labor law, forms the relevant documents, employee documents, the documents of the enterprise, company stamp.

Instruction how to issue the employee a part-time

Step 1:

The employee wrote a statement in the name of the first person of the company, stating the full name of the company, surname, initials, position of the head in the dative. The employee received at half the rate, enter your surname, name and patronymic in the genitive case, the address of the place of residence in accordance with the identification document. The contents of the statement the expert expresses his request for admission to employment, indicating the name of the structural unit, the position for which he claims. In addition, the employee writes the reservation requests that take it to the half of the bet.

Step 2:

The Director shall issue an order on the employment of an employee, the personnel assigned to a document number and date. The administrative part enter the surname, first name, middle name specialist, job title, structural unit, where he was taken. The second point enter that wage of an employee in proportion to actual time worked, specifies the number of hours the employee works per day. The third point is the imposition of control over the execution of the order. The document signed by the first face of the company, assures the seal of the organization. Familiarize yourself with the order adopted by the specialist. The worker puts his signature in the right field, the date of inspection.

Step 3:

Enclose a worker received an employment contract, under the conditions of the labor contract list the number of hours that the employee is obliged to work. If necessary, specify the period of working hours, which corresponds to half the rate of the post. The employment contract signed by the head of the organization, as the employer, is sealed by the company, the employee puts his signature is received at the office of an employee.

Step 4:

Record in the work book introduces cadre, puts the ordinal number of the entry, the date of recruitment with Arabic numerals. The information about how writing the adoption of the employee for a certain position, indicating the company name, job title, and the structural unit. Personnel assured the paid entry stamp of the organization, enter your name, initials, position, puts his signature. Introduces the employee record by hand. Reservations about half bets do not need in the workbook as a fixed reception on a common basis.