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How to make a permanent Transfer Officer

If you change the job duties, place and mode of operation, the name of the position and the size of payment - this means that you have transferred to another permanent job. Did decorated translation correct?

How to make a permanent Transfer Officer

Instruction how to issue a permanent Transfer Officer

Step 1:

Translation can be done at the request of the employee, or by agreement between the employee and the employer. In the first case written application for transfer to the vacant post in the second - is made act on the offer of work and prepared an agreement on amendments to the employment contract.

Step 2:

As a general rule, an employee evinces a desire to (write the statement) to transfer a significant improvement in working conditions. This may be a higher-paid position, the location of the workplace closer to their place of residence, reducing the amount of duties, the performance of the work on the basic profile of education, etc. If there is a desire to transfer to the deterioration of working conditions, better reflected in the statement of its cause. The application for permanent transfer to a vacant post is written in an arbitrary manner in the name of the head of the organization. It is desirable to specify those your qualities that allow to apply for the position.

Step 3:

If the transfer is initiated by the employer, there are two to choose: • promotion to a higher position; • transfer to a lower paid position.

Step 4:

When the company released the position of manager at any level, the representation is made to the head of the enterprise human resource management service. It sets out a detailed justification for the appointment of a worker for the position. Very important information such as the applicant's education, experience, achievements in the same place of work, the availability of incentives, age, passing training courses and so on. After examining the applicant's individual case, the interview, the idea is approved or rejected by the head.

Step 5:

The need to transfer to a lower paid position arises in cases such as: • The inability to continue working in the same post for health reasons or as a result of certification; • Carrying out staff reductions or the number of employees. If there is a need for such a transfer, the employee in writing (the act of job offer) offered another, lower-paid work. In the case of the consent of the employee personally signed certificate. Example entries in the act "to the proposed post ...... I give my consent." Below, put the number and signature.

Step 6:

Specialist HR, getting approved by the head of the organization of the application or the act, execute all necessary documents: • a order form on staff T-5; • an additional agreement to the labor contract; • makes an entry in the work book; • makes an entry in the personal card of T-2. All documents will be familiar under painting.