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How to make a presentation with music

Introduce a new product, business plan, thesis, or just an original way to congratulate loved ones on the holiday - in all these tasks will help the presentation. To make the presentation more spectacular and memorable, it is necessary to supplement it with appropriate musical accompaniment.

How to make a presentation with music

You will need:

- MS PowerPoint software installed on your computer; - Music file format .mp3, .wav, or .mid.

Instruction how to make a presentation with music

Step 1:

Create a separate folder for the presentation to which you want to add a music track. Move to folder as the presentation itself, and music file so that it appears if you are going to transfer the presentation to another computer or flash drive.

Step 2:

Open the presentation. Click the left mouse button on the slide from which to begin playing music. Open the tab "Insert", then click on a group of "Multimedia" (or "media clip") and select "Sound" (or "Audio"). If MS Office 2003 after you use the tab "Insert" select group "Movies and Sounds". Clicking on the icon "Sound", click "Sound from File ...".

Step 3:

Find the folder in the desired file format .mp3, .wav, or .mid. Click "OK". When the query window "Play a sound when a slide show?" Click on the button "Automatic". In this case, the sound will be played when the slideshow.

Step 4:

If you choose "On Click", you will need to start playing the audio manually. Listen appeared in the slideshow audio file by clicking on the sound icon on the slide. Move the icon of the audio file where it is needed. Add audio files to a slide, if required, in the order in which they should be played.

Step 5:

To adjust the playback on a single slide, in the "Audio Settings" group, located on the Quick Access toolbar, tick off options "Hide when the show" and "continuously". Set the volume.

Step 6:

To configure the sound reproduction for the entire presentation, open the tab "Animation" (in MS Office 2003 - "Slideshow"). Click "Custom Animation". In the task pane "Custom Animation", which will appear on the right side of the screen, open the menu by clicking on the arrow next to the file name. Select the "Effect Parameters".

Step 7:

In the resulting window, select the point position "after" to "End" section, and enter the slide number, after which the music playback to stop. After looping sound will be played over and over again until you go to the next slide. Also, the recording will be played back on all the slides, if only one or a few slides do not contain any other media objects (such as clip). Press F5, to view a slide show with a record.