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How to make a reprimand employee

Reprimand, along with the observation and firing - a form of disciplinary sanction, which provides for Article 192 of the Labour Code. A reprimand may be the result of violations of employee labor duties provided for in the employment contract. It shall be made with the date, place and time, as well as the collection of reasons.

How to make a reprimand employee

Instruction how to issue a reprimand employee

Step 1:

Documented fact fix the offense, which is a disciplinary violation or non-performance of job duties. It can be executed in the form of a memorandum, the act (in the absence in the workplace or in case of failure to perform their duties), the Commission's decision (as a result of the investigation of the facts that led to the damage or violation of business ethics, confidentiality).

Step 2:

These documents are individually or collectively. For example, if an employee is absent for unknown reasons in the workplace, it is first drawn up a memo, and then confirmed by the absence of an act. The Labour Code does not establish the employer's obligation to acquaint personnel with these documents.

Step 3:

According to Article 193 of the Labour Code the employee must obtain a written explanation of the incident. Give him the opportunity to tell us if they have any good reasons disciplinary violations. The shape of the explanatory memorandum - arbitrary, in that case, if the employee is willing to provide it, then a written request can not make out. If the employee refuses to provide an explanation, somehow draw such requirement, and hand him a painting. In case of failure, you need to write a document about this.

Step 4:

The term of the explanatory notes shall be two business days following the day on which it was required to write an explanation. In the event of failure during this period in the form to the act. Along with proof request an explanation from the employee, the act is grounds for a reprimand, even without explanatory notes.

Step 5:

If a note is presented, the actions of your actions depend on how good is the cause, the employee said in an explanatory note. If it is justifiable, in the opinion of the employer, the reprimand is not applicable.

Step 6:

In order to reflect reprimand surname, name and patronymic of the employee, his position, a structural unit, an offense committed by them, and links to the broken items of labor legislation or agreement. The order also reflect the circumstances of the offense and the degree of guilt, the kind imposed by a disciplinary sanction.

Step 7:

The work book record received reprimand not be entered, it can be reflected only in a personal card that is stored in the personnel department. In the presence of a reprimand, the employer has the right not to pay the employee fully or partially of material rewards, and at repeated infringement - fire him. Automatically reprimand was withdrawn a year later.