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How to make a simple enterprise

Simple enterprise may be the fault of the employer, the employee or for reasons beyond the control of any matter or another. Regardless of whose fault there was simple, it is necessary to issue in accordance with the labor laws. Just need to document, to make an order to amend the timesheets, and if you just was not caused by the employee, pay him.

How to make a simple enterprise

You will need:

- Workers documents; - Documents of the enterprise; - Stamp of the organization; - The form of the order; -tabel attendance.

Instruction how to make a simple enterprise

Step 1:

If there was a breakdown at the plant equipment, in connection with which the employee is unable to perform his professional function, the employee must report to his supervisor simply orally or in writing. If the expert is not notified in time to their employer, the worker could be fined, as the company will incur some losses if time does not eliminate the cause of downtime.

Step 2:

Lock down time in time sheets. If simple occurred through the fault of the employee, put a "VP", the fault of the employer - "RP" for reasons beyond the control of either the employee or the employer - "NP".

Step 3:

The employer is always striving to absolve themselves of responsibility, must be easy to fix and to document its cause. To do so, make an order. In the header of the order enter the name of the organization in accordance with the constituent documents or the surname, name and patronymic of a natural person, in accordance with an identification document if the legal form of the company - an individual entrepreneur.

Step 4:

Specify the name of the city, which houses your company. Write the date of the order.

Step 5:

Enter the name of the document in capital letters, give the order number.

Step 6:

Enter the subject of the order, which in this case corresponds to the ad downtime. Enter the reason that there was a simple enterprise.

Step 7:

Write the start date and end date of downtime. In case of extension of a new order is issued downtime. If simple lasts less than the specified period - also prepared a regulatory document.

Step 8:

The administrative part of the paper write the names of names of the employees, which is declared a simple, enter the positions held by them in accordance with the staffing.

Step 9:

Workers should be present in the workplace, even during downtime in the company. If, however, in the order stipulates that employees have the right not to report to work during the outage, workers can not go to their workplace.

Step 10:

Reviewed by employees made on the orders of the head, drawn up together with the administrative documents.

Step 11:

The basis of publication of this order is a memo to the head of the department director of the company name.

Step 12:

The right order is director of the signature, which indicates his post, a surname and initials. Reassure the paper seal of the enterprise.

Step 13:

Familiarize yourself with the order listed in the document under a list of employees.