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How to make a worker out of the holidays

Every employer of employees granted leave, that is regulated by the labor legislation. When a specialist is necessary to withdraw from a well-deserved rest, you need to get a written consent, then place an order on staff. The remaining days are transferred to another period.

How to make a worker out of the holidays

You will need:

- Documents of the employee; - Documents of the enterprise; - Labor law; - vacation schedule; - Blank memo; - The order of forms to the personnel.

Instruction how to issue the employee a way out of holidays

Step 1:

When this situation arises, that is, that the employee, who is currently on vacation, need in the workplace, it is necessary to warn him that his plan to withdraw from relying vacation. This can be done with a phone call or writing an e-mail. But first make sure that the expert is in a place of residence and not on vacation in another country. Otherwise, a review is simply impossible.

Step 2:

If you agree with the revocation of release, the immediate superior (head of the department where the employee works) prepared position paper (official) note. The document is addressed to the director of the company. The note is prescribed reason why you need to call a specialist to work. When an employee agrees to withdraw from vacation, the director stamped visa receipt containing the head of the company.

Step 3:

Make an order. The "cap" orders write the enterprise, the city of its location. Date, number the order. In substantial part, specify the date from which the worker need to begin to fulfill their duties. Assure the order signed by the sole executive body, ie the director. Introduce the employee withdraws from vacation with administrative document receipt. Note that the employee stated about this sentence: "With the withdrawal of the vacation for 5 days agree."

Step 4:

So how is it that the expert is not required rest days holiday, the remaining part can be moved to another time. For this purpose, a separate order. The document indicates the time for which the transfer is carried out. With the order familiarize the employee, ask him to write what he agrees to transfer these days leave for another time. Assure the order signed by the head of the company.

Step 5:

The above commands apply to the order granting leave. The amount of money charged for the days that the employee is not was done on, specialist returns to the cashier of the company. Make a mark in the schedule of holidays. During the days that the employee actually has to be on vacation, but actually carried out his duties under the employment contract, put the "I", which means time for a specialist.