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How to make an agreement with the driver

The driver - a hired employee. With any salaried employee an employment contract governed by Article 57 of the Labour Code. Individual contracts with the driver is in the nature of the circuit work, the responsibility for the safety and security of entrusted property, ie the vehicle, so the legislator permitted to document additional items at its discretion.

How to make an agreement with the driver

You will need:

- employment contract with all the terms and conditions of work, vacation, salary, responsibility for the entrusted car.

Instruction how to formalize an agreement with the driver

Step 1:

Compose an employment contract in two copies, one of which will remain with you, and you will pass another employee. In the header of the contract specify the full name of the organization, name of the CEO or the person replacing him, name of the employee with whom you contract and his job title.

Step 2:

Write down what made the contract, the general provisions under the serial number, starting with number 1. Enter the number of the structural unit, the position and the nature of the work, that is, it is the main employment or combination.

Step 3:

Enter the start date of the employment relationship. If you sign a fixed-term contract, be sure to make a record of the date of their completion. The contract is considered to be of indefinite duration without time, so the end date was not specified.

Step 4:

If you install the trial period, then write the date of its completion. Start the trial period - this is the first day of the driver. Select a category of rights, the model name, which will be managed by the driver and the name of direct management, responsible for driving the composition.

Step 5:

Basically, under "Rights and duties" write down all the sub-working conditions, the amount of salary. The salary can be written in the form of salary or hourly wage rate, which is often. In the same paragraph, a detailed description of vacation time, holidays, the number of vacation days, the order of the weekend.

Step 6:

Then make a record of social guarantees, rights and obligations of the parties. Rights and duties make given the Labour Code also consider all the recommendations of the federal law.

Step 7:

Pay particular attention to the item "Duties of the employee." Describe in detail the responsibility entrusted to the vehicle, for road safety. If you entrust freight forwarder unaccompanied, please describe all sub cargo liability in the employment contract. Also make a separate line contract terms that the driver is obliged not to take alcohol and psychotropic medications for 24 hours prior to travel, and do not drink alcohol while driving a vehicle entrusted.

Step 8:

Make another no less important for the sub-site parking transport, repair, reports of emergencies senior management during the first hour after the fact of the accident.

Step 9:

Sign the contract. One copy is given to the driver.