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How to make late

If an employee is regularly late for work - this action can be attributed to a violation of labor discipline and untimely performance of job duties. The employer may terminate an employment relationship unilaterally applying article №81 of the Labour Code, but this delay should be all documented.

How to make late

You will need:

- the act of being late; - A written explanation; - The act of refusing to give a written explanation and sign brought by the act; - A written sentence with disciplinary action.

Instruction how to make late

Step 1:

For a one-time delay can not dismiss an unwanted employee. Labour Inspectorate or a court deems a gross violation attract employers to administrative responsibility and forcibly force to restore illegally dismissed employees in the workplace, to pay his enforced absence. Properly designed multiple delays allow the employer to use the article №81 of the Labour Code.

Step 2:

To make a correct delay, every time collect the administrative commission of the number of administrative staff of the enterprise. Make an act, which specify, for some amount of time the employee was late again. All members of the Committee are obliged to sign the act composed.

Step 3:

With registration act familiarize the employee against receipt. Have write written explanation of the delay. If the latecomer does not sign the act and is not going to explain anything in writing, make an act of repeated refusal.

Step 4:

Next, make a written reprimand or punishment to punishment. As punishment, you have the right to deprive the offender prize incentives or rewards. Introduce a written reprimand the employee a receipt. Upon cancellation Apply for another act.

Step 5:

The same method must be of repeated infringement. Two disciplinary penalties entitle the employer to terminate an employment relationship unilaterally. If you are all violations issued correctly and there is documentary evidence to demonstrate that they are committed repeatedly, neither the court nor the Labour Inspection can not find the illegal termination of employment.

Step 6:

Legal termination of employment unilaterally not entitle the employee to recover the workplace and to receive compensation for forced absence. However, upon separation you have to pay all amounts due and to pay compensation for all unused vacation days.