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How to make money while on maternity leave

Rebuild your lifestyle after the birth of a child - it means to find a new way of earning money. Official work with the tight schedule is no longer suitable. Most moms first six months and does not earn money.

How to make money while on maternity leave

You will need:

Notepad, a pen, a computer with Internet access.

Instruction how to earn while on maternity leave

Step 1:

Analyze your skills, abilities and desires. Write down everything on a piece of paper. If you, for example, know how to do a manicure, after childbirth, you can continue working in the same direction, but at home. The old ways of earning is not always so easy to move into a new life. Therefore, maternity leave - this is a great opportunity to start doing what I always wanted, but did not have enough time.

Step 2:

Look at the market: it is claimed today. Is it right for you? For example, you used to be a well-knit. But you have not had a chance to take the goods to the stores. Now you can organize your own online store right at home. Create your own site or even social network group, spin it with the help of friends. Over time, you will collect the necessary number of orders and work from home.

Step 3:

Sometimes, you can not have found the time to produce something, but you can provide services, such as accounting. There are many websites for people who are working remotely. Sign up for the most well-known and reliable. You can register in professional communities on LiveJournal, or on specialized sites. Make it so that the one who is looking for a service that you can provide, found you.

Step 4:

Start your small business related to the child. For example, a private kindergarten. So your child will be attached in the most difficult years. And after he grows up, you will have an independent source of income.