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How to make part-time

During the labor process sometimes there are situations when you need to draw a shorter workweek. In this case, generally established that the working hours saved, but reduces the number of working days per week. Reducing working hours can take place both by the employer and at the request of the employee, which falls under the category of having the right to reduce working time. Management changes in the length of the working week should be formalized.

How to make part-time

You will need:

- employment contract; - Addition to the employment contract; - Order; - Application; - Notification.

Instruction how to issue short week

Step 1:

While hiring an employee, part-time working week could immediately be referred to as one of the conditions in the employment contract. This clause of the contract the employer has the right to install, and it can also be proposed by the naemschika. Upon reaching a mutual agreement, the contract is signed, and issued an order to the reception staff to work, which indicates the duration of working time.

Step 2:

If the company suffers economic problems or there is a change of working conditions, management has the right to introduce a shorter working week, to preserve employees' locations. The employer shall make a decision on the introduction of part-time working week and produces a corresponding order on this introduction. In the order of the organization's leadership and the reasons for the changes in the schedule of work and the period for which such treatment is administered.

Step 3:

Along with the order, the governing bodies in advance notify workers about innovations in writing. The text of the notice is made arbitrarily, but includes all the studies, because of which the rate of change of the working week and the terms imposed by the situation. If necessary, issue additional agreement to the labor contract for all workers who are in the order of the working time changes.

Step 4:

The employee, who is caring for a sick family member incapable, a pregnant woman or a parent (guardian, trustee), who has a child under fourteen years of age, the employer is obliged to arrange part-time. An employee who is entitled to a reduction of working time, wrote a letter to the head of the company of the need to move to part-time, indicating the reason. On the basis of the application head issues an order and an additional agreement to the labor contract to change the working hours. Employee is desirable to make a copy of the statement with the resolution governing entity and a copy of the order on the establishment of part-time working week.