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How to make people retire

Recently, the State Duma constantly amend existing labor laws. Even experienced staff employees or accountants are sometimes lost, making out a pension under the new laws. Of course, you can carry the entire clearance pensions passed on to the employee (the more so that this is not prohibited by law). But better to let the experts involved in this.

How to make people retire

Instruction how to register people to retire

Step 1:

Please note: any accrued pensions (employment, superannuation, old age, etc.) Starts from the date of submission of the application (ideal - with a date of birth, from which the right to pension appears the employee). Such a declaration may issue and the future he retired, but will be better and faster if it is made by a representative of the personnel department or accounting. To submit an application in advance and can be, but not earlier than 30 days before the birthday.

Step 2:

Contact the Department of FIU (the place of registration of an employee retiring) and submit documents: - the original and a certified copy of the passport; - The original of the work book (if necessary - a certified copy of its last leaf, containing a record of employment in your institution); - A copy of the script and a military identification card (if future retirees served in the army); - Originals and certified copies of birth certificates of children (if they are dependents of the person); - Certified copies of the passports of other dependents; - Originals of the documents confirming the right to benefits; - SNILS; - Originals and certified copies of diplomas (necessary in the case studies are not carried out in parallel with the work). All documents should be submitted together with the application, the form of which can be obtained from the employee FIU. In a statement, select all of the individual data on pensioners and sign it.

Step 3:

If the workbook on the first page there are no records about the change of names (in marriage or divorce), then you have to make a request to the archive registry office in your area, and if necessary, other localities and regions.

Step 4:

Serve together with the employee FIU request for pension file to the Home Office for the FIU your region for information about all the pension contributions for the whole period of the future pensioner. According to this data, and it will be calculated future pension (including a base, insurance, accumulative parts).

Step 5:

On the day of submission of the application to make the workbook corresponding record date, and Sight signed by Chief of Staff (chief accountant or head of the organization, if the personnel service you do not have).