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How to make the agenda

The agenda is the "skeleton" of the meeting or meetings. In it are defined the main topics for discussion and the main thrust of the discussions. It establishes a procedure for the meeting, focusing on the professional participants of the conversation, do not let the discussion turn into a messy exchange of views.

How to make the agenda

Instruction create agenda

Step 1:

Start preparing the agenda immediately after management decision on the date and subject of the meeting. By "hot pursuit" will be easier to formulate its points. In addition, you will have enough time to fix the first option, if a manager wants to amend.

Step 2:

Select the topic Assembly of major and minor aspects. Do not overload the agenda of the minor issues that can be solved in due course. The best option - to include significant points 1-2, in the discussion of which a large part of the collective interest, and leave time to promptly solve the less important issues, including the problems in the course of the meeting.

Step 3:

Formulate the agenda items. Avoid multi-valued or unclear proposals. Issues on the agenda do as specific as possible. After reading them, the meeting must be easy to understand the problem and the purpose of its discussion. If you have any difficulties, consult a specialist who will act as a keynote address on the topic.

Step 4:

Each paragraph should begin with the preposition "on" or "on": "On the initiative of the work day for the sales department," or "On the redistribution of functions between the marketing and the press-service of the department," etc. If the discussion shall be made of any governing document item can read as follows: "On approval of the Charter of the Company" or "On Amendments to the job descriptions of employees of the Secretariat", etc. Questions of informational character, which do not require discussion, provide an appropriate explanation in brackets and separated by a colon. For example, "On the perspective directions of publishing activities: Report of Deputy Director General of the trip to the workshop."

Step 5:

Structure the agenda of the day. In practice, two methods are used layout issues from most important to least important, and from minor to significant. Each option has its advantages. In the first case, the main issues discussed at the beginning of the meeting. Employees are more active, more fatigue does not affect them. But the discussion of the first question may be delayed, the time to solve small but important problems will remain. If the meeting begins with a less important items, the staff are gradually being incorporated into the rhythm and by the time the main issue ads completely customized to a constructive dialogue.

Step 6:

Type in the agenda in accordance with the requirements of the office, to your organization. In addition to the actual issues to be discussed select the date, time, venue, keynote speakers, participants and invited experts. Approve the document at the head of the organization. Original agenda you plan to attach to the minutes of the meeting. Based on the approved agenda, prepare the information letter or ad for employees.