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How to make the downtime at the plant

During the financial crisis, for various reasons, the enterprise can happen easy. It should be documented in accordance with the labor laws. Downtime must be paid to employees, if any, happened on the employer's fault or for reasons that do not depend on the employer and the employees of the organization.

How to make the downtime at the plant

You will need:

- Labor Code of the Russian Federation; - Workers' documents; - Forms of the relevant documents; - a pen; - Stamp of the organization; - Documents of the company.

Instruction how to make the enterprise downtime

Step 1:

If the downtime should be declared in a separate structural unit, its head to write a memorandum to the Director. Its contents should state the reasons that served as downtime. The note must specify the date on which it occurred. Director of the need to review the document and in the case of a positive decision to put it on a resolution which shall contain the date and signature of the first persons of the company.

Step 2:

Make an order in any form. In the header of the document write the name of the organization in accordance with the charter or other constituent documents or the surname, name, patronymic of the individual, if BPA enterprise - sole proprietorship. Enter the name of the document in capital letters. Specify the number and date of the order. The theme of the document must comply with the announcement of downtime on the enterprise as a whole or for a separate structural unit. The reason for publication of the order may be under-delivery of the material, the lack of orders and others.

Step 3:

The content of the order, specify the name, surname, patronymic workers, for which announced a simple name their offices, departments. During the idle staff can not perform their work functions, spelled out in the contract. If simple occurred through the fault of the employer or reasons beyond the control of it, the idle days of paid professionals in the amount of 2/3 of the salary of the average wage (if it is declared, for example, due to lack of orders from customers), full size (where the employer's fault is present in the incident).

Step 4:

Specify the start date and the end of the downtime. If he ends up sooner or later written in the order of date, the Director-General should issue a new order in which to enter the effective date of its termination.

Step 5:

If there was a simple fault of the employee, this time it is not paid, and shall pay an administrative penalty of a fine.

Step 6:

During idle time an employee can not perform his duties, so the employer may allow employees to be absent during periods of inactivity in the workplace. This fact should be stated in the order.

Step 7:

Reassure order company seal, signed by the director of the organization. Familiarize employees with the document. Employees should put his signature and the date of review.