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How to motivate staff

The better the employee, the more efficient the company is developing. But how to make the employee realize the responsibility that lies on it? How do I make it work with great enthusiasm and, consequently, with greater impact? The answer is quite simple: you have to turn the routine work of the fun.

How to motivate staff

Instruction how to encourage staff

Step 1:

Encourage staff financially. The goal of any workflow is to make profit. How would any man loved his job, he is forced to go on it to earn a living. If your company has enough enthusiasts working "for himself", the financial incentives will suit perfectly as a way to improve production efficiency. Varieties such incentives may be widely practiced advances, bonuses, fringe benefits, promotion of the most successful projects, etc. Moreover, payment may be made not only in cash but also art objects or vouchers.

Step 2:

Note the free time of their employees. Give them more autonomy in this respect. This does not mean that you have to drastically reduce working hours and allow employees to be in the workplace when they want. Just allow them to plan the time in which they will work. Naturally, if the specifics of your business allows you to take this step. For example, you can set the exact number of hours that must be worked in a day / week / month, and the officer let him choose how he Plan your schedule.

Step 3:

Allow people to communicate with each other. Researchers found that people with great pleasure that goes to work, if he is there colleagues with whom you can talk "heart to heart". Typically, the overall performance is not only not reduced but, on the contrary, it is significantly higher. Hire a professional who will organize corporate events and group activities.

Step 4:

Give employees greater freedom in shaping their working space. If a person will feel comfortable being in the workplace, it is with great pleasure to go to work. Let the employee chooses as its activities will be organized: whether it will use the stickers, e-applications, or diary, of a cup he will drink and how the computer is located.