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How to negotiate

The negotiations need to be improved constantly, because it affects their result. To always be a winner, you need to regularly get all new information regarding this issue.

How to negotiate

Instruction how to negotiate

Step 1:

Start communicating with a discussion of secondary issues. Or even relax interlocutor idle chatter. Make it a compliment, communicate about the weather or the dollar. Most people expect that your partner will be from the first minute to instruct on his own, trying to get a better deal. Communication on extraneous topics relax it will set up a more positive way.

Step 2:

Never disclose their true motives, do not give information about their situation. Such openness can be used against you. Do not say directly how much you are interested in the successful conclusion of the transaction. Treat the topic of conversation a bit lukewarm, then the other party will be harder to beat you.

Step 3:

Try to get as much information about the person and the organization he represents. Ask leading questions, look carefully for his reaction to your words and actions.

Step 4:

Negotiate calmly. It is not permissible to show impatience or raise your voice. Do not apply pressure to the interlocutor, otherwise the deal could be derailed. On the contrary, you have to prove to him that you think not only about their own, but also about its benefits.

Step 5:

Do not confuse the partner relationship and transaction. Even if a person is unpleasant to you, try not to show it to him. And if the person, on the contrary, you are very pretty, will not allow infringement of its interests.

Step 6:

Tell us about all the benefits of the offer. The main focus needs to be done on what will get themselves partners. There is no need to speak too generally, fleshing out the facts.

Step 7:

Pretend that you do not quite understand the interlocutor. This will allow him to express their views more fully. And you can get more information, which then use against the interlocutor.

Step 8:

In conversation always change yourself for a partner. When he asked the official tone of the conversation, do not be familiarity. If he behaves simply, then you behave more open and friendly. Occasionally copy the pose of your interlocutor, it will help to achieve its location.