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How to organize the management process

Process management implies a combination of certain types of activities, which are aimed at streamlining and coordinating the development and functioning of the organization and its members to achieve the goals facing it. He serves two purposes: strategic, which is to maintain the stability, efficiency and harmonious interaction of all elements of the control object; as well as strategic, providing its development and improvement.

How to organize the management process

Instruction how to organize the management process

Step 1:

The main objectives of management technology are: the establishment of an organizational order and rational work performance sequence; ensuring the unity, consistency and continuity of the actions of the subjects in decision-making; participation superiors; uniform loading performers.

Step 2:

At the heart of management techniques are operational and information flows, the body of knowledge about the methods and techniques of action for senior employees during the execution of administrative operations.

Step 3:

Linear Technology is characterized by a fairly strict sequence of the individual phases (professional assignments, qualification of performers, training of managers), which interact with each other and may be changed in accordance with a previously scheduled plan (training). It is used in elementary generic cases with sufficient certainty the ultimate goal and the situation, for example, in controlling the movement of trains or work equipment.

Step 4:

If it is impossible to give an accurate assessment of the state of affairs in the company is allocated a key issue and is scheduled unambiguous goal. Control Technology in this case may be branched. Solutions are developed in parallel on several lines. This control technology approach in the field of scientific research.

Step 5:

by exception management technology that emerged in the previous phase, based on the partial adjustment, overcoming and changes in the management process itself implementing powers. In turn, when a large deviation in the magnitude necessary intervention manager. This approach would not distract him.

Step 6:

When the control process is carried out in conditions of high uncertainty, it is applied on the situation management technology. It includes actions that emanate from the prevailing circumstances, as well as the adjustment to them to most effectively could provide a solution to the existing problems. In this case, the manager makes operational decisions are usually based on continuous monitoring and analysis of the changes that take place in the internal and external environment of the organization.

Step 7:

by objectives Management Technology focuses on stimulating the achievement of personal goals set by the workers themselves, together with the leaders and recorded in a specific document.