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How to organize the manager's job

On how to be organized rationally management activities will depend on the productivity of the whole department or division. Regardless of the specialization and the nature of the manufacturing there are several points on which will have to work.

How to organize the manager's job

Instruction how to organize the manager's job

Step 1:

Pay attention to the organization of working space manager. For normal work needed comfortable desk and chair, a computer with software installed on it. Also I need a phone with access to the internal and external lines. Printers, copiers and other office equipment are necessary in cases where a manager's job is associated with a large volume of documentation.

Step 2:

Ensure employee stationery. It can be a diary, several sets of paper (writing, adhesive, etc.), pens, calculators, etc. In order to work with the documentation and correspondence was quick and efficient, you need to think about a way to store papers - by category, alphabetically, by urgency etc. Filing cabinet should consist of several shelves for documents and folders should be structured and, where appropriate, be cataloged. Urgent correspondence can be stored on the desktop in a special tray.

Step 3:

It is necessary to learn how to conduct telephone calls as productively and quickly. To do this, the manager info system should be organized - all the necessary phone numbers must be always at hand (it is convenient to use for this computer, which will be stored all the additional contact information). Before you make a call, you need to plan it, to evaluate the subject, write the questions. Saves time manager redirect calls to a secretary.

Step 4:

meetings, training provided by the manager, it is necessary to pay special attention to - the number of people should not exceed 10, record shall be made, it should be clearly defined duration of the meeting.

Step 5:

Time management principles applicable to the organization of management at any level. Careful planning of the day, where minutes are painted all the activities will save a considerable amount of time and achieve high results.

Step 6:

The manager must be able to speak well, so a visit to the various seminars, workshops and courses will not only expand his horizons, but also help to learn how to highlight in his speech the main thing. Knowledge of psychology will allow the manager to quickly find a common language with subordinates and colleagues.